Standing Committees

ARTICLE 7 of DCP Constitution: Standing Committees

Section 1 There shall be the following standing committee(s): Reading Committee

Section 2 The members of a standing committee shall be approved by the Executive Committee. The official Chair of a standing Committee shall be decided within the members of the said committee.

Section 3 Standing Committees shall be composed of three (3) to five (5) members in good standing, as necessary to fulfill the assigned mandate. A member of the Executive Committee, shall act as Chair until such time as one is chosen as outlined in section 2 above.

Section 4 Standing Committees shall report to the Executive Committee at the designated time in their terms of reference.

Section 5 To ensure continuity, Standing Committee members may hold office for two (2) or more years.

Section 6 All decisions of a standing Committee shall be by consensus or by majority vote. A vacancy in any standing Committee shall be filled immediately by the Executive Committee.

Section 7 All standing Committees shall abide by their terms of reference.

Section 8 Reading Committee
The Reading committee reads and recommends plays for the major productions of DCP to fulfill the two-year-season mandate