The Secretary shall keep accurate record of the minutes of all meetings of the members and Executive. He/She shall keep a full and up-to-date roster of all members, shall call the roll of Officers and members when so required, and shall assist the President in preparation of the order of business for each meeting. She is responsible for processing all incoming correspondence and drafting outgoing correspondence. The secretary is responsible to ensure that all members are notified of meetings. The secretary shall notify the Webmaster of dates of coming events and of current Executive Committee roster.

He/She advises DCP members, patrons and audience members of upcoming events.  At the request of the play Producer or Director:
o Contacting members to advising them of upcoming auditions or productions
o Contacting members to seek volunteers to assist with productions
o Contacting audience members to advise them of upcoming events
Soliciting audience members to sign-up for the DCP audience contact list
Keeping the DCP audience contact list up to date