General Finances

ARTICLE 9 of DCP Constitution: General Finances

Section 1 The Treasurer will maintain the books for DCP. There will be three (3) signing Officers with any two signing a cheque. The Three Officers authorized to sign cheques are the Treasurer and two others appointed by the executive committee, with the caveat that they should not be significant others/related to either of the other two. These Officers will also be responsible for signing the rental agreement and other legal documents.

Section 2 DCP books must be audited by the Second VP at calendar year-end before the new Administration takes office.

Section 3 All outstanding bills, accompanied by a receipt, must be submitted before the audit and the new Administration takes office.

Section 4 Capital and operational purchases can be approved by the Executive Committee to a limit of two thousand five hundred ($2,500.00) dollars per year. Once that total is exceeded, expenses must be approved by the general membership.
Any other purchases above five thousand ($5,000.00) dollars must be authorized by the general membership before purchase.
Budgets for plays will only be finalized and approved by the Executive Committee after the executive has received
confirmation of Rights to the play in question by the Producer of the said production.

Section 5 The Executive Committee is authorized to represent DCP in all matters relating to the old town hall and township.