Executive Functions and Roles

ARTICLE 6 of DCP Constitution: Executive Committee Function and Roles

Section 1 Role of the Executive Committee:The Executive Committee shall make all decisions relating to the functioning of the day-to-day operations of DCP on behalf of the members. These decisions include:

  • Formation of committees
  • Appointment of committee members
  • Disbursement/allocation of general and production funds
  • Choice of plays for a 2-year season, based on recommendations from the Reading Committee
  • Choice of venue
  • Appointment of Production Directors
  • Approval of production budget in consultation with Production Director and Producer
  • Appointment/approval of Producer
  • Ensuring that auditions are held for each play
  • Dismissal of Production Director, and/or of Producer
  • Cancellation of production as deemed necessary, e.g inability to appoint director or producer
  • Dismissal of a member of the Executive Committee (requires 2/3 majority)
  • Filling of vacant Executive Committee positions as outlined in ARTICLE 5.
  • Appointment to the Old Town Hall Art and Heritage Committee of a DCP representative
  • Oversight of all productions
  • Assurance that the website information is current
  • Appointment of an auditor at the first meeting of the executive committee after elections, either a member of the executive, a member of DCP or an external auditor, to audit the books of DCP.

Section 2 Job Description of each member of the Executive_CommitteeHe and she are interchangeable and do not refer of the person holding office.
The members of the Executive Committee shall obey the Constitution and Bylaws and be thoroughly familiar with these laws as well as the rules of parliamentary Law and Procedure.

Section 3 Quorum, and voting for Executive Committee

Attendance of five (5) members of the Executive Committee shall constitute a quorum. In the event of a loss of quorum, the meeting will be cancelled or postponed. All members of the executive, including the Past President have the right to vote. The only exception is the President, who shall vote only in the case of a tie.
When in need of an immediate decision on a motion, and given that a meeting cannot be convened in due time, voting by email is hereby authorized and the Executive Committee is hereby empowered to prescribe appropriate procedure therefore.

Section 4 Dismissal of an Executive Committee member

A Cause for dismissal includes:

  • Absence from three (3) consecutive scheduled meetings of the Executive Committee or of a Standing Committee without a reason acceptable to the members of said committee.
  • Behavior unacceptable to 2/3 of membership
  • Not fulfilling the members duties in Article 3, Section 4 or the responsibilities of their designated office.