Executive Committee

ARTICLE 5 of DCP Constitution:  Executive Committee

Section 1 The Executive Committee of DCP shall be comprised of a President, a First Vice-President, a Second VP, a Treasurer, a Secretary, a Patron and Sponsor coordinator, a Producer at Large, a Webmaster, and a Past President. The Executive Committee of DCP also includes as non-voting members (and not part of quorum) the Director, Producer and Stage Manager of the current production(s), from the time of auditions to, and including, the day after the striking of the set.

Section 2 The Executive Committee shall be elected at the annual meeting in January of each year and shall hold office for one year, and until their successors are elected.

Section 3 In the event of a vacancy in the Office of the President, the First Vice-President shall fill the vacancy, and the Second VP shall fill the vacancy of the First Vice-President.

Section 4 In the event of a vacancy other than of the President, or First Vice-President, the Executive Committee will fill the vacancy by appointment.

Section 5 An Officer who has served more than half of the term of office shall be regarded as having served full term.

Section 6 The President and First Vice-President may stand for election for a second consecutive term, but not for a third consecutive term.

Section 7 The Treasurer, the Secretary, the Second VP, the Sponsors and Patrons Coordinator, and the Producer at Large may stand for election for two consecutive years in the same position. Extensions to these terms are permitted with a vote at a general meeting.

Section 8 The immediate Past President who has served a full term as President shall be a member of the Executive Committee with full voting privileges for the year ensuing.

Section 9 There will be no substitution for an immediate Past President.  If the Past President resigns, that position will not be filled until the next election.
(See ARTICLE 6 for Executive Functions and Roles of the members of the Executive Committee)