Many Ways to Help DCP

Dundas County Players Logo

You buy tickets to our shows, you liked the show, you love theatre or are just curious about our bunch or talented members and you’d like to be part of this.  Here are your options:

  1. by sending us your email address to add to our distribution list (free).

  2. as a member ($10 annual membership) and you can vote at the annual general meeting, get cast in our plays or help backstage or help designing and building great theatre experience, not to mention the parties :-).

  3. (approx. $100) and get your business card in our program for one production.

  4. ($100 to $500) will get you 2 tickets to each of our major productions, a reception on opening nights and your name on our patron poster in the lobby and in the programs.

  5. ($1,000 +)  and you will get your logo and web contact on all our posters and programs for one production.

  6. ($2,000+) and you will get your logo and web contact on all posters and programs for all the shows in that calendar year.

We are grateful to all of our Sponsors, Patrons, audience, past and current members for making possible good theatre in our small town.

See you at the theatre.