Aladdin Auditions

Aladdin- Adventures in the East, by Suzan Holder

Dundas County Players are staging this pantomime in the British tradition (theatre that is anything but silent, and includes song and dance) to coincide with the week of the Winchester Parade of Lights in December. Planned are two performances for schools during the day of Wednesday December 4th, evening performances on Dec 5th and 6th and matinees on December 7thand 8th.

Director: Caroline Roberts

Assistant Director: Elizabeth Barton

Music Director: Colleen Howard

Choreographer: Jacquelyn Toupin

Audition Dates: 

Saturday June 22nd

Actors/singers 1.00pm – 4.00pm

Wednesday June 26th

Dancers: 6.00pm – 8.00pm

Actors/singers: 7.00pm – 10.00pm


Saturday auditions: Upstairs in the rehearsal hall of the Old Town Hall, 478 Main St., Winchester.

Wednesday auditions: Downstairs theatre for dancers, upstairs rehearsal hall for actors

Looking to cast the following Characters

There are six female parts, three male and eight that can be played by either gender, for young and older adults (as described below). For further questions regarding character roles please contact Caroline:

If you would like to try out for a singing role, please come to audition prepared with an a Capella piece of your choice. For further questions regarding the music please contact Liz Barton:


We are seeking performers between the ages of 10 and 17. Please come prepared to learn a short dance combo. Although we will be looking for dancers with previous training, our priority is a passionate commitment and stage presence. We’ll also be looking for special skills and talents…if you’re flexible, strong, can juggle….let us know!  For further questions, please contact Jacquelyn Toupin


Sheherazade: Female solo singer. A storyteller, she doesn’t interact directly with the other characters. She has magical powers and can freeze the action while she addresses the audience directly. 

Aladdin: A youthful solo singer. Impulsive Aladdin falls in love with Princess Jasmine at first sight.

Widow Twankey:  Male solo singer. A traditional pantomime dame, Twankey plays Aladdin and Wishee Washee’s mum.

Wishee Washee: Youthful singer. Participates in song and dance numbers, plays comic brother to Aladdin and interacts directly with the audience.

Soapy Sophie: A bubble-headed girl who works in the laundry with Twankey and Wishee (who has a crush on her).

Genie: Solo singer. The genie is all powerful and knows it, but is a slave to the magic lamp.

Jennie: Female solo singer. Jennie is a much less powerful genie. A comic character, she has the persona of a call center operator who relies on a computer-generated script.

Princess Jasmine: Youthful female solo singer. Her opening song is a show-stopper, she is feisty and determined to marry Aladdin.

Sultan: Male. Plays Jasmine’s father. Although he is royal and powerful he is hen-pecked by his second wife, Jasmine’s step-mother.

Sultana: Female. The power behind the throne. She rolls her eyes constantly behind her husband’s back.

Abanzar: Male, solo performer. Plays the bad guy who wants to control the lamp, the Genie, the Sultan’s empire and ultimately the world. Helped in his wickedness by his hopeless henchmen, he also becomes the target of the amorous Widow Twankey, and the adversary of Aladdin.

Shish and Doner: – comic duo. These hopeless henchmen, while terrified of their master, attempt to help Abanazar in all his dastardly deeds.