Youth Summer Workshop Auditions

As our Spring production is going so well (there are still a few tickets left for Saturday), I’d like to look just past it to the audition starting Monday night, May 6, for the cast or our Youth Summer Workshop 2013.

You have read the previous announcement of course:

Alice in Wonderland, a Family Musical, with Pantomime Features:

book/lyrics by Don Macrae, music by Ted Blackbourn and Don Macrae.
Auditions for kids age 12 to 17 will be at the Winchester Old Town Hall, 478 Main street, Monday May 6th, Tuesday May 7th, Wednesday May 8th at 7:00pm. (Please attend one of these days. Parents, please be prepared to stay for the first 15 minutes)

Contact Lauren Casselman if you have any questions or concerns

You don’t have to be a professional singer, but please come prepared to sing part of O Canada for us!
If you don’t like to be on stage but still want to be involved, we are also looking for people to work behind the scenes too- so come on by!
Performance dates:  August 9th, 10th, 11th, 2013

What you may not know is that Lauren Casselman is not only an excellent director but is making a name in singing too:  She just won the Company of Musical Theater Trophy: Senior Category Show Tunes at the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival.  She was also recommended for the Ottawa Kiwanis Music Festival Highlights concert  and asked to sing at the Ontario Provincial music festival in June.

It’s all very exciting!!