General Assembly 2013

In the Old Town Hall, Jan 27, 2013, around 7 PM, after an hour of chatting in the lobby the 25 DCP members present walked in the theatre for the formal part of the General Assembly.



Sue Steele, DCP President, offered her welcome to all the members and asked the Secretary to lead the meeting.


Past Year

The Secretary reviewed briefly DCP’s 2012 activities and asked the committees to report.



Aaron Dellah, DCP Treasurer, signaled a variation in the way the tickets invested in the Patron’s program would be reported and updated the 2012 productions’ bottom line.  He presented the financial situation in DCP and a list of the expenses over $100 for the 2012 period.  Aaron also presented the list of suggestions for improvement in the Old Town Hall that had been voted on at last year’s general assembly, and their progress to date.



The Wardrobe mistresses requested 4 volunteers to support an inventory blitz on Feb 2nd.  They got a full crew of volunteers after a few minutes of discussion.  As Denise Lafortune and Deborah Patenaude have been taking care of the inventory for the past 5 years they both requested to step down from this role so that new volunteers pick up where they left.  The group thanked them profusely for the extensive work they have done over that period.  Suzanne Steele and Maggie Badior volunteered to become the next wardrobe mistresses.


Sponsors & Patrons

Caroline Roberts and Alvin Runnalls reported on a very successful year for this program.



Tony Glen, chair of the reading committee, and Terry Green presented the fruit of their reading: a list of plays DCP would like to produce over the years.   The plays are:

Twelve Angry Men, by Reginald Rose,

The Children’s Hour, by Lillian Helman,

The Glass Menagerie, by Tennessee Williams,

Crimes of the Heart, by Beth Henley,

The Petrified Forest, by Robert Sherwood,

On Golden Pond, by Ernest Thompson,

The Sunshine Boys, by Neil Simon,

Good Night Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet, by Ann-Marie MacDonald,

Sexy Laundry, by Michele Riml,

The Miracle Worker, by William Gibson,

The Amorus Ambasador, by Parker,

Animal Farm, by George Orwell,


Short plays (for a Cabaret or evening of short plays):

This is a Play, by Daniel McIvor,

The Man in the Box (author unknown).


New Season

Tony Glen made the announcements about the new season and how to get involved.   (See our Future Productions page.)



JP Leduc, webmaster showed the new website including the wiki.



Alvin Runnalls conducted the elections. The results and the new committee are as follows:


President                                    JP Leduc

V-P                                                Tony Glen

2nd VP                                    Moira Law

Secretary                                     The team of Rachelle Eves and Shannon Murdock

Webmaster                                    JP Leduc

Treasurer                                    Aaron Dellah

Sponsors and Patrons            The team of Caroline Roberts and Alvin Runnalls

Director at Large                        Terry Green

Past President                            Suzanne Steele



The meeting was adjourned at 8:10 PM.